C# 2.0 and Managed DirectX 9 Game Engine


Brume 1.5 is out

January 21, 2007

October 11, 2006

August 12, 2007

Hi !

We released a minor version of the engine. Here are the main changes :

- object picking fix. The Brume main class now contains 4 helper methods for object picking (PickObject x 2 and PickObjects x 2)

The camera object has now two methods to retrieve a ray to the mouse cursor.

- DirectX August 2006 SDK support

- minor changes in the 3D engine for shaders support (not finished yet)


A new version is available ! This time the new features are focused on shaders and terrain rendering.

But there are also many other additions. You will find the full release note on our new Forum (phpBB3).

Here is a summary of major changes :

3D Engine

- Main renderer was rewritten to support fast shader rendering

Terrain Engine

- Added support for brute force, ROAM and Geomipmapping terrain generation.

- Hardware Texture splatting & dynamic lighting with bumpmapping (HLSL shaders)

- Terrain collisions (using ODE trimesh for the moment).

Physic Engine

- Upgraded to ODE 0.8

Effect Engine

- BrumeSkyDome (using gradient shaders)

- BrumeWaterShader effect (HLSL) : uses reflection, refraction, fresnel term, animation, ...

- New Particle System (MoDDiB's contribution)

Video Engine

- Supports AVI display on texture (no sound for the moment).

- Experimental : added a video recording feature.

New Brume Demo in Game.cs (remember that the demo is NOT optimized, remove unecessary features for better FPS)

PIX and NVidia PerfHUD 5 support with DirectX markers

XP and Vista support

And much more...

Ice Cube & Pipo Framework were updated.


Brume 1.6 released

Brume 1.4 released

New release available with ODE TriMesh support ! Here is the list of changes :

TriMesh collisions support :

- generation of collision shapes from a Mesh hierarchy

- Physics/collisions or just collisions for all Brume objects and Meshes

- OnCollision event added to BrumeObject

- added methods to move back on collision

- Possibility to attach invisible objects with collision shapes to existing objects (camera, ...)

General physics :

- Physics classes can be overrided to access to all parameters (and even ODE internals)

- Physics & collisions are now FPS independent

Shaders implementation (in progress) :

- vertex and pixel shaders support

- dynamic load/compilation in debug mode(just modifiy your shader file and come back to Brume window)

- added BrumeVector4 class

- tested with : ambient/diffuse/specular lighting, bump mapping, parallax mapping, cartoon shading (cell shading), static environment mapping

Other :

- new textures implementation (now using new operator). Added Cube and Volume textures support.

- fixed memory leaks on textures

- optimization on skeletal animations (added a cache for element objects)

- added Bart Van Haaff contribution about Graphics on texture (using GDI api to draw on textures)

- BrumeSound.RewindWav method added (Guest user contrib)

- included debug dll in release

Ice Cube & Pipo Framework were also updated (1.0.1). I will start to document the Wiki with new physics & collisions stuff.



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