October 6, 2006

The News ! Happy new year !!!

We just noticed that the news page was missing on the website ;o)

OK ! Here it starts....

A little part of our history :

Brume project started in June 2003. It was first written in C++ like ALL other game engines...But .NET framework was realeased and it seemed much more interesting !

The port of Brume started in 2004 and we released the project on Sourceforge in February 2005 as an open source project.

Brume's Team

Hi !

We published a new phpBB2 Forum in order to replace the SourceForge.net Forum.

We also created a Wiki to help us to document the engine.

Visit the Forum

Visit the Wiki

Enjoy !

February 16, 2006

New Forum & Wiki

Brume 1.2 released !

Version 1.2 of the engine is out !

The new features include mirrors and water implementation (without shaders). We also added a new Dot3 Bump mapping sample and started to separate the engine from the DirectX API (we are preparing for MDX 2.0 integration).

Old tutorials were updated and new tutorials are also available :

Multi-texturing Camera move Point lights Specular light Bump mapping Skinning

Dont't forget to visit our new 'ShowRoom' demo that shows most of the engine capabilities. And for those who want to have a quick Brume overview we also added some videos :

Multi-texturing Skinning Stacks (physics) Car (physics) Water And more...


Important note : to test our samples without setting up a development environment, you will have to install .NET Framework 2.0 redist and DirectX MDX December redist and then launch the .exe files from "bin\Release" directories (the debug executables may not work).


February SDK support...but still not MDX 2.0

December SDK port...but not yet MDX 2.0

January 1st, 2006

After three months of hard work we finally have a working sample of Ice Cube.

This little game is very simple but uses a lot of functionnalities of both Brume and Pipo framework.

Please have a try and give us your feedback.

Source code is also available in the Download section.

It's not perfect so feel free to report bugs or ideas for the next release ;o)

We hope that this will give you a good start for you own projects with Brume !

Next we are planning to work on some visual effects like : lens flare, sun light, fire, smoke and skinned animations.

Brume's Team

January 1st, 2006

We just finished to port Brume to DirectX 9 December SDK with MDX 2.0 Beta.....and.....it doesn't work :o(

There are too many methods missing (disapeared ?) for the moment and we cannot load hierarchical meshes.

But it was a good moment to make a seperation between Brume and DirectX APIs and we managed it for the next release. It will be easier to change DirectX API for February SDK release.

We plan for a Brume release in the next few days. The tutorials will be updated and we will provide new samples. In the next weeks we will release the Tetris sample (Actually we are working on the graphics).


Ice Cube. First screenshots !

June 21, 2006

Here are the first screens of our current project : Ice Cube. Thanks to Olivier Minard our lead 3D artist for these first samples !

Brume's Team

Ice Cube v1.0 released ! (Brume updated to 1.3)

You can already use February SDK (MDX 1.1) libraries for your projects : all you have to do is to update your references. I also added the new project under CVS.

We tested MDX 2.0 dll but it still has a problem with hierarchical meshes . Let's hope that April's SDK will be the good one !


February 23, 2006

January 17, 2006


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